Ember uses a proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm to analyze and classify real-time communications for compliance and security applications. The algorithm grows more intelligent with every interaction, communication, and click on our platform. Ember is language agnostic and can be used to proactively monitor enterprise-scale communications data in real-time.
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Combines user insights with machine intelligence that you can apply to your own unstructured data from one or multiple sources.


Real-time compliance and security analysis of your company’s email, messenger, and social media communications.


Identify, in real-time, potential fraud threats and in that moment engage them.


Ember's technology has been validated on a technical basis by McKinsey, Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), and MI6.

“(Ember) is the first clear advancement over keyword and Boolean search in the last 15 years

Greg MalenMcKinsey Research Director

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